Frequently Asked Questions


1How do I enter the building?
Entering the building depends on the camp you are taking: Our preschool campers enter through the main entrance. Our school aged gymnastics, Mini/Mighty and team campers use the side entrance on the left side of the building. Our dance campers enter on the right of the building via the stairs to the second floor.
2Do I have to register for camps or are walk ins welcome?
You need to register for all recreational camps so we can stay within our student-teacher ratio. Our team campers are automatically registered for their camps.
3Can I watch my child’s camp or bring a guest?
In order to assist with social distancing, we are only allowing 1 parent per child to watch camp at this time. All parents observing camp need to watch from our observation area which has spots marked off to allow for social distancing. Please bring a face mask if you are planning to watch.
4Do I have to wear a mask?
Following the latest NC government guidelines, anyone entering our facility is required to wear a mask. Campers are allowed to remove their mask while exercising at a strenuous level.
5Can I access my locker to store my personal items?
No, our locker area has been closed of the time being. All team campers may bring a bag with them on a daily basis, the bags are placed on spots 6 feet apart from other bags. We are asking that all bags are washed frequently. All recreational campers can put their personal belongings in bins. All bins are disinfected after each use.
6Can I use the bathrooms?
At this time, we have modified our bathrooms to allow 1 person in at a time. If you need to wait your turn, please wait on the stickers in the hallway (stickers are 6 ft apart). Hand sanitizer is available at each entrance and exit and several stations have additionally been placed throughout the building.
7What classes are currently available?
KPAC currently offers camps only. Our camps are between 90 minutes and 2 hours long for our recreational athletes. Please check our portal for available class times.
8Will athletes share equipment?
No, athletes are not sharing equipment at this time. Once an athlete is finished using the equipment, it will be cleaned and disinfected with hospital grade cleaner before the next athlete will use the equipment.
9Will I be charged an extra fee for cleaning?
No, we are not charging any cleaning related fees.
10Will the water fountains be available?
No, our water fountain has been disabled. All campers are asked to bring a water bottle with them.
11What happens if there is a positive case of COVID-19 at KPAC?
If KPAC learns that a person with confirmed COVID-19 illness has attended KPAC, we will notify the Iredell County Health Department and we will follow all guidelines we receive. The Iredell County Health Department will also notify us if they learn that a COVID-19 positive person has attended KPAC. In addition, KPAC will close its doors for 72 hours and the entire facility will undergo a very thorough cleaning, including electrostatic cleaning with Nova, a hospital grade disinfectant. Any athlete or coach that has come in close contact with the COVID-10 positive person will need to undergo a 2-week quarantine.
12When will the next Parents Night Out be?
We have not set any dates for Parents Night Out or any other events. We are following government guidelines and will monitor updates closely.
13When will my membership need to be renewed?
All memberships were frozen during the COVID-19 related closure. Memberships will be re-instated once we will offer regular classes again.
14What is the best way to contact someone to ask questions or discuss my account?
In order to assist with social distancing, the best way to contact us is through the "Contact Us" feature on the parent portal or email us at Please allow 24 business hours for us to get back with you.