Join our KPAC cheer team!

Tryouts: Saturday, October 3

2 p.m (no backhandspring) and 3:30 (has backhandspring)

Email us at or call us at 704-872-2888 to learn more.

KPAC is super excited to be starting our very own all star and exhibition cheer program. We are honored and ecstatic to introduce Mr. Cameron Peebles as our cheer team head coach! Cameron is TOP NOTCH when it comes to the cheerleading industry. His contagious energy and commitment are what will make our KPAC cheer program a first class opportunity  to your athletes. Cameron believes in the “SPORT” of cheerleading without all the pageantry that can be associated with the cheer world. Cheerleading is an opportunity for ALL boys and girls of ALL abilities and ALL physical attributes!   KPAC Cheer would like to use the “SPORT of CHEERLEADING” to create a foundation that builds skills for LIFE; including confidence, self-worth, positivity, perseverance, hard work, dedication, time management, and commitment!  Cameron is a former NC State cheerleader and the current UNC Charlotte assistant coach.  Cameron is well versed on NCAA collegiate cheerleading and will run our KPAC cheer program with a Professional and collegiate level of expertise!
Our tryout process allows us to place each athlete on the appropriate level team. Every athlete that tries out will make a team appropriate to their age, skill level, and commitment level. KPAC cheer will use the tryout process to help grow an all-star and exhibition team program that includes all levels and all age groups! In order to be placed on a team, KPAC will require dedication and commitment from the athlete and family to develop skills, as well as, attend all required classes and choreography camps.
KPAC monthly tuition will be consistent for 12 months and will cover all training classes and any extra practice that may be necessary to prepare for upcoming exhibitions or competitions. There will be additional fees for competitions, choreography and music, uniforms, and banquet fees. All monthly tuitions will include cheer practice and tumbling classes.
Uniform costs will include:
Two practice outfits
Competition hair bow
Competition uniform
Competition shoes
Choreography and music fees will include:
Additional time spent with the choreographer and teammates to put together the competition/exhibition routine.
Music will be included in this one time annual fee.
Monthly Tuition will include:
*Mini Level 1: ages 5 – 8 $80
  2-3 hours per week including cheer class and tumble class
*Junior Level 1-3: ages 6-15. $130
  3-4 hours per week including cheer practice and tumbles class/s
*Junior/Senior/Level 4-5: ages 8-18 $155
 4-5 hours per week including cheer practices and tumble class/s