Help Your Child Achieve Their Goals at Our Athletic Center in Statesville, NC

Trust us to help your child learn the ins and outs of gymnastics, cheer, and dance

Does your child have dreams and goals? Sign them up for training at KPAC! Our gymnastics, cheer, and dance center is locally owned and operated by Kristie Phillips, a U.S. Olympics gold medal winner and member of the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame. We can help aspiring gymnasts, dancers, and cheerleaders reach their full potential.

Our athletic club isn't all about being the best of the best - we prioritize creating a safe and fun environment for gymnastics, cheer, and dance fans of all ages. Call 704-872-2888 now to learn more about our competitive or recreational programs in Statesville, NC!

Get top-tier gymnastics and dance coaching

You can find a home for your dancing little one or talented teen with us. Our gymnastics center hosts all kinds of training and programming, including:

  • Competitive, recreational or preschool gymnastics
  • Competitive cheerleading
  • Competitive or recreational dance
Interested to know where some of our athletes are now? You can read about the accolades and scholarships our gymnasts have earned online.

Keep your little one learning and engaged

Gymnastics and dance aren't just a great way to help your little one develop strength and flexibility - they're also fun activities that help kids get out their wiggles! That's why we offer all kinds of opportunities for young people to get involved in our favorite sports. Turn to us for:

  • Active after-school programming
  • Preschool classes that focus on movement and motor skills
  • A venue for your child's upcoming birthday party
  • Summer camps for your kids and their friends
  • A safe place to drop off your children for a parents night out
And our gymnastics center isn't just for kids. We offer aerial yoga classes to help grown-ups relax and take care of their bodies, too.

About Our Owner

Kristie Phillips, Owner, is a three time US national gymnastics champion, and a member of the 1988 Olympic team.

At KPAC we strive for individualized learning so that each child can reach their maximum potential and growth! We strive for a disciplined, but fun working environment! At KPAC, there is a place for everyone! If your goals are elite, college, or just a fun-recreational level of competition, we have it all!

Through my 40 years in the Gymnastics community, I have learned to respect ALL the sport can teach. Not only do you train the body physically, but Gymnastics also teaches time management, self motivation, discipline, how to deal with fear, goalsetting, and many more life enriching tools that will help for a successful future!

I always say gymnastics is the "Mother of all Sports!" it is like no other sport, and the foundation that it helps create encompasses the attributes that it takes to be great at any sport; Including, balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, and endurance!

We hope you come to visit us at KPAC! For a well rounded and balanced athlete physically, mentally, and emotionally!