This is a beginner gymnastics class. No experience required! In the diamond classes students will learn a variety of basic gymnastics skills on vault, bars, beam and floor. Once students have mastered key skills such as jumping off a vault board, chin holds on bars, walking forward and backwards on beam and forward roll and handstand on floor they will be invited to test into the Ruby Class. This class is 50 minutes long.


This is our advanced beginner class. Some experience required! In the ruby classes students will learn a variety of key gymnastics skills such as straight, tuck and straddle jumps on vault. Pullover and casting on bars. Walking in releve forward and backwards and jumping on the beam. On the floor they will learn standing bridge, backwards rolls and cartwheels. Once students have mastered the key skills in ruby they will test into our Sapphire Class. This class is 50 minutes long.


This is our intermediate gymnastics class. In this level class time jumps from 50 minutes to 75 minutes. Students in this class start to learn skills such as handstand flat back and dive rolls on vault. Pullover cast back hip circles on bars. Straight, tuck and baby split jumps on beam as well as baby handstand and turns. On floor they will learn a variety of basic gymnastics dance skills like split leaps and turns. One hand cartwheels, roundoffs, handstands fall to bridge and handstand forward rolls. From this class students will test into our Amethyst/Emerald class.


These are KPAC's advanced classes. Experience is required for these classes. Our Amethyst classes are 90 minutes long. In this class students will learn front handsprings on vault, starting to jump from low to high bar, cartwheels on beam and front and back walkovers on floor. Our Emerald classes are 2 hours. In this class students will do handsprings on vault, start of kips on bars, front and back walkovers on beam and front and back handsprings on floor.

Mini Mights

Pre-Team level class, for ages 4-6, invitation-only class

Mighty Mights

Pre-Team level class, for ages 6-8, invitation-only clas


This class is designed to teach your child and help them develop the skills they would need to complete obstacle courses like the ones on the show "American Ninja Warrior". Ninja classes combine skills inspired by gymnastics, parkour and martial arts. Fun for both boys and girls. You must be in Kindergarten or older to participate in this class.

Boys Gymnastics

Kindergarten and up...Beginner Gymnastics, no previous experience required. In this 50-minute class, athletes will learn basic gymnastics skills on all men's events (vault, floor, pommel horse, high bar, parallel bar and rings).

Intro to Tumble

Kindergarten & up...No experience required. Basic Tumbling skills learned are Forward rolls, Cartwheels, Backward rolls, handstands, round offs, and backbends. This is a 50 minute class.

Tumble 1

Some experience required! In this class students will start to learn roundoffs and back handsprings. This class is a 50 minute class * This class also has a time add on option.

Tumble 2

Intermediate tumbling skills...Must have back handspring to enroll... 50-minute class. This class will connect multiple backhandsprings to a roundoff and work on back tucks.

Advanced Tumble

Advanced tumbling skills such as back tucks, layouts, and twists...teacher recommendation only...90-minute class