Aerial Silks and Yoga

Take Your Workout Routine to New Heights

Learn about our aerial silk and aerial yoga classes in Statesville, NC

Static stretching and mild aerobics can only take you so far. Take your workout routine to another level at KPAC. We offer both aerial silk and aerial yoga classes in Statesville, NC. Whether you're looking to engage and strengthen new muscles or elevate your mediative mindset, you'll love developing your skill above the ground!

Check out our aerial silk and aerial yoga classes below:

Aerial silk classes with Carolina Quiros

Have you been looking for a fun and exciting new workout? You should try aerial silk classes with Carolina Quiros. Our studio in Statesville, NC is now offering this unique circus discipline, which involves making acrobatic evolutions while suspended in the air from silk fabric. With Carolina as your guide, our aerial silk classes can help you develop strength and flexibility while building confidence and self-esteem. You'll feel on top of the world while practicing this gravity-defying technique.

Reach out to us now to sign up for an aerial silk class.

Aerial yoga classes with Sabrina Bandy

KPAC proudly offers aerial yoga classes led by experienced yoga instructor, Sabrina Bandy. Our sessions are focused on learning traditional yoga poses while suspended in the air from silk fabric. During your class, you'll learn to increase your range of motion, achieve inverted poses and master deeper breathing and relaxation in the poses.

It's important to note that our aerial yoga silks are close to the ground, approximately 3-4 feet. If you're afraid of heights, this type of yoga should be no problem whatsoever. Plus, Sabrina will be with you every step of the way to guide you through a suspended flow.

Come by our studio soon to try aerial yoga for yourself.